Are eyelash extensions unhealthy for natural lashes?

Eyelash Extensions are unhealthy for lashes if they are applied improperly.  Other than that, you can keep eyelash extensions for years to come.  

A misconception is that eyelash extentions make your lashes fall out.  Not True.  Just like your hair, eyelashes grow and shed as well.  It just that you notice more when they come off because now your individual lashes are three times the size.  If you need your extensions removed, 


It takes 15 minutes for a certified lash tech to remove them and it won't remove any of your natural lashes.  This means it won't leave any bald spots  unlike attempting to remove them at home.

What should I expect to happen in lashing process?

Here's a video of an overview: 


The first thing we do is confirm the style you want to have.  After, you will lay down on your back.  You can be laying down for 45 minutes and up to 2 hours.  We will check if you're still comfortable though.  At the beginning of the lash process, you will have a collagen, aloe infused pads applied.  The next step is the weirdest part but you have to look up while we tape down any stray bottom lashes.  After that, you will keep your eyes closed until the eyelash tech is finished.  She will use a water mister to help set the glue and eyelash extensions.  She will fan your eyelashes and then you're done. :) 

How do you clean your tools?

My tools go through a 4 step cleaning/sanitizing process.

1. Wash with antibacterial soap

2. Wiped with alcohol wipes

3. Soaked in Barbecide for 15 minutes

4. Heat treated in an oven at 500 degrees Fahrenheit

I'm scared I'll get an eye infection.

While that is a possibility, it is rare and easily avoided.  You're most likely already doing what you need to avoid it.  With eyelash extensions, you need to brush your lashes at least once a day (takes 5 seconds).  You can continue to use your face wash as normal, just slow down around the eyes.  If you use cotton pads, balls, or Q-tips, make sure to have them soaking in water or another solution before working around the eyes.  This will prevent the fibers from accidentally pulling an extension out.  

Remember: Only use oil-free make up remover.

Can I still scratch or rub my eyes?

You can! Just a little slower and more carefully.

How do I take care of the lashes?

An overview video:


Once you get your eyelashes done, you may feel less inclined to wear as much make up.  Eyelash extensions are low maintenance.  They only need about an extra 15 seconds of your time.

What about allergic reactions?

This does happen on occasion.  This doesn't necessarily mean you cannot have extensions.  The most common allergic reaction is to the glue.  Although we use latex and formaldehyde free eyelash extension adhesive, we do have alternatives.  There's different types of glue that are formulated specifically for sensitive eyes.  The only difference is the retention with adhesive for sensitive eyes is about 4-6 weeks where as the main adhesive is 6-8 weeks retention.

If you were to get an allergic reaction after getting lashes with us, we will remove your lashes free of charge as well as give you a brand new set with sensitive glue or a lash lift!  *this is only applies for those that get a full set with us*

Can I wear Glasses with Extentions?

Yes, you can.  Just let your eyelash tech know about it, in case you show up in contacts.